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Originally forked from Paul Nasca's ZynAddSubFX synthesizer, Alan Calvert's Yoshimi is a realtime mono/polyphonic additive/subtractive/PAD softsynth, under constant development, with some unique and interesting features that over time have come to distinguish it from the original synth.

Yoshimi, like ZynAddSubFX, includes the three main synth 'engines:' ADD Synth, SUB Synth and PAD Synth. An effects section is also provided, as well as a Mixer section for mixing/layering parts (instruments) and a Kit section which can be utilized for making drum kits. Unique to Yoshimi is its saveable/loadable per-MIDI-channel vector control.

Some of the most recently-added features of Yoshimi (to version include: very full MIDI learn capability and raw MIDI input display, CC2 MIDI Breath Control, LV2-format plug-in version, extended NRPN (Non-Registered Parameter Number) support, improved accessibility, saveable GUI and command-line usage settings, (the 'Save' feature will save all settings of a preset, including MIDI connections, vector parameters, effects, etc.), headless usage, improved ALSA audio handling, major and minor version number stamping for both instrument and patch-set, improved rotary and slider control, red-blue-green colorcoding of synth engines for each instrument, and upgraded Humanizing. The mixer section allows for various ways to control different instrument parts, such as 'Solo,' which allows to switch from one individual part to another without any currently-sounding notes being cut-off, and 'Crossfade,' which allows multiple-layered parts to fade from one to another across the voice overlap ranges. Right-clicking on the 'Controllers' button will call up a window with five of the most commonly-used modulation controls, such as filter cutoff and resonance.

A full, rolling Advanced User Manual is also now included in the install package (fifth entry in the dropdown menu).

Patches and Manual:

A rolling bank of my own presets/vector/state files for Yoshimi here. Updated Nov. 05, 2017.


Some videos of Yoshimi available at Youtube: Yoshimi demo, full midi control and: Second Yoshimi demo


Yoshimi at Sourceforge
Yoshimi at Sourceforge

Yoshimi at Github
Yoshimi at Github